homemade sauce

so i took it upon myself last night to try the recipe to my mom’s home made sauce. my sister had a shortened version that i decided to attempt. came out quite good. except for the mishap i had on step 4… the cap to the chili container fell off as i was trying to “give it that “somethin’ something’. let’s just say i kept warm on these few cold days in milano.

here are my sister’s directions to the 20-minute easy homemade “sa-ooce” (inspired from my mama) :

1) Put a nice amount of olive oil in a pot… It’s better that it’s not that deep of a pot.
2) Peel some garlic cloves and just cut each of them in half and put them in the oil once the oil gets a bit hot… Don’t wait too long to put the canned tomatoes in because then the garlic burns… It’s doesn’t really matter though.
3) Pour the canned tomatoes. They can literally be whole tomatoes in the can or diced, whatever you have because eventually it gets all saucy anyway and I just use the wooden stirring spoon to chop up the tomatoes that are still too chunky.
4) Keep stirring the sauce until the oil becomes less present. Add a lot of salt (to taste), some spicy oil or chili flakes if you have… It’ll give it that nice little somethin’ somethin’.
5) Add even more oil if you think you need… This sauce is really oil based.
6) Keep stirring still until you like the consistency (You could add more oil if you want).
…now here is a little visual representation to assist you : 

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