denim & supply by Ralph

In Italy we have Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and many, many more, but in the States while there is a plenty of new emerging designers and brands, there never seem to be as many long-time players.

Perhaps one of the strongest is Ralph Lauren. In 2011 Ralph expanded his empire even further to launch Denim & Supply, a jeanswear concept. Today, Denim & Supply opens its second store in the States and its first in Manhattan. The new store located at 99 University Place was formerly the home of a Rugby (another Ralph Lauren brand). Earlier in the month the first ever Denim & Supply store was opened on Newbury Street in Boston, also a former Rugby location; which makes you wonder is this all part of Ralph’s larger plan to begin phasing out Rugby?

While this may be the word on the street, David Lauren, executive VP of advertising, marketing and corporate communications, was awfully quick to disperse the rumors saying that it is “in no way a replacement for the brand” (WWD).

Despite his comment, with so many brands now falling under the Ralph Lauren name – and many with overlapping product lines – the future of Rugby still feels as though it make be in question.

Read a full article on the subject on WWD.

denim-and-supply02 denim-and-supply01


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