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miles aldridge

Miles Aldridge is a Central St. Martins graduate who spent a brief time directing pop music videos before turning to fashion photography.

He has been published in Vogue Italia, American Vogue, Numero, The New York Times, The New Yorker and others. His work is bold and glamorous and he almost makes the women he features look as if they’re dolls.

However, Aldridge define the women in his photographs as “in a state of contemplation” and asks viewers to imagine their inner lives.

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Saint Laurent music project

It still feels weird calling Yves Saint Laurent, Saint Laurent Paris, and we still may feel strangely about newish creative director, Hedi Slimane’s name change for the brand; but, what we do know is that her “saint laurent music project” is a pretty cool idea.

Over the past few weeks Marilyn Manson, Country Love, Kim Gordon and Ariel Pink have started in the project. Our favorite photos however feature Daft Punk.

new york fashion week in sketches

by Danielle Meder and photos by Paper by FiftyThree

father benny ninja

had the pleasure to see father benny ninja at school this past wednesday. father benny ninja was in the building, and proving to the students of naba and domus academy that madonna, did NOT start the vogueing movement.

“You wake up vogue. You go to sleep vogue.”

vogueing was started in gay clubs in the 60’s. what is voguing anyway? lines. movement. “when they hate you more you will succeed more…”

vogueing is an exaggerated impersonation of a model. that became quite evident when father benny and his “house” nephew opened the lecture by a runway vogueing performance.

“every single one of us has the right to wake up and feel beautiful and to feel powerful and to be royal.”