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yes breakbot, yes.

it’s the last day before i submit my thesis, and i’m looking for FUEL!!!

needed to find a new mix to keep me going for the day, and i knew breakbot would have just the right thing.

he released it one month ago, so i guess we’re a little late – but  in luck… the set is free for download 🙂


there’s no stopping this british duo. we’re highly anticipating their new album Disclosure Settle, which will be released on June 3rd of this year. only two months to go, but we’ve already pre-ordered the album on itunes. not only are they extremely talented, and working with huge artists such as jessie ware and SBTRKT, but they are both 90’s babies. Guy and Howard are only 22 and 18, respectively.

well now we feel old.

they’ll be on tour in the UK over the next few months, but also playing at festivals such as Spring Attitude Festival 2013 in Rome, Italy (May 11-12), and Osheaga Festival in Montreal, Canada (August 1-2). click here for complete tour list.

here are a few of our fave tracks.

Saint Laurent music project

It still feels weird calling Yves Saint Laurent, Saint Laurent Paris, and we still may feel strangely about newish creative director, Hedi Slimane’s name change for the brand; but, what we do know is that her “saint laurent music project” is a pretty cool idea.

Over the past few weeks Marilyn Manson, Country Love, Kim Gordon and Ariel Pink have started in the project. Our favorite photos however feature Daft Punk.

girls love beyonce

drake does it again.

I’m not sure he’ll ever make a track that we don’t love.

and of course, he’s right on about beyonce.

october’s very own published it to soundcloud just 2 days ago, and they already have close to 1 million plays. let’s also mention that james fauntelroy’s soulful chorus is one that gets us….

grammy’s best dressed

my favorite tv night of the year….. and oh how it pained me to not be able to watch it live.

in any case, i’ve seen the pics, i’ve watched the highlights, and here out the best outfits of the night.

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jt is back

after a small hiatus, and a wedding (note him rockin’ the band in this video), jt is back… and oh how we’ve missed him. love this song so much – a real feel-good tune.

“Suit & Tie featuring Jay-Z” is a preview of the pop artist’s upcoming album The 20/20 Experience — his first since FutureSex/LoveSounds in 2006

video here: suit & tie – justin timberlake