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the xx at alcatraz milano

what better way to end a great weekend than with the xx live in milan.

they put on a great show on their coexist tour, at alcatraz club north of the city center. although the venue was a little cold, and not many songs from their previous album were played, they did an amazing job and keeping the buzz going as their dj played each song into the next with some amazing bass transitions, and some feel good dance beats to keep the crowd moving.

definitely worth picking up some tickets in your city. find the upcoming tour dates here.




mtv in milan

last night we checked out an event called “mtv brand new art,” it was held at the cubo e galleria – a pretty cool space. the exhibition included large scale photographs of famous music artists and several different dj’s. some of the music was a bit too hardcore for me, but it was great fun to dance around in the open space all the same.

baby i’m yours

came across this gem while listening to the “indie apartment party” playlist on songza.

just checked out the vid, and now i love this song even more.

explanation: “Video was (directed) handmade by IRINA DAKEVA @ WIZZ
It is composed of approx 2000 images watercolor painted one after another (we say Aquarelle in french, way more sexy).”

“engineered for maximum funness”

2 weeks after the launch of the new iPhone 5, comes the new and improved iPod touch.

now available in colours – it sports a 5 megapixel camera, with iOs 6 software, a 4 inch retina display screen, and probably a million other cool things that you would discover once owning one.

even the white buds have been updated. hand clap once more for apple.

running (disclosure remix)

currently OBSESSED with jessie ware. especially her track “running”.

initially loved it about a year ago when my brother, who is a dj in montreal, played it for me. so, when it came up on my songza (best app ever), i knew i had to add it to my current “*faves*” playlist.

more jessie ware tracks and free download:

vogue covers – part 1

january 1990 – the iconic cover features, from left: naomi campbell, linda evangelista, tatjana patitz, christy turlington and cindy crawford. all photographed wearing tops by giorgio di sant’angelo.

the cover was shot by world-reknown peter lindburgh.

yesterday, in our lecture on fashion media and celebrities, we saw how supermodels seemed to rule the world in the 90’s.

a few of our favourite covers, and of course, january 1990 with the famous 5.

that same year, freedom ’90 was released, and george michael decided not to appear in his own music video. instead, the video features the 5 ladies from the vogue january 1990 cover, mouthing the lyrics to this awesome track. the men you see in the video were also male models at the time.


the xx in milan


the xx are playing at alcatraz in milano on dec 2.

their new album, “coexist” was released on september 10. we like it just as much as their previous album, if not, more. our current go to album for cooking at home and hanging out.

fave track off “coexist”: