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commencement speeches worth watching

I find that graduation time in the States is one of the best times to step back and take a moment to think about the bigger picture and your place in the world. A great commencement speech has the ability to inspire and reinvigorate determination. Two of my favorites this year were were former President Bill Clinton’s speech at Howard University, and President of the World Bank, Jim Young Kim’s speech at Northeastern University. Check them out.

cnn + ipad

CNN has had a pretty nifty iPad app out for a while now – and maybe this has been here all along and I’m just way behind in Italy – but, I recently discovered that if you have some sort of cable TV account in the States you can now stream CNN live on your iPad.

The quality is phenomenal and it’s a pretty great way to stay connected.



Triennale di Milano

Exhibition: Italian Contemporary Excellence – the exhibition, edited by Christina Morozzi, is a collection of snapshots taken by 10 young Italian photographers representing the values and symbols characterizing “high-end Italian in format and high culture value.” The photos are shown in a mosaic format.

If you live in Milano you should check it out before it ends on January 27th!

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