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fashion photography

Ellen Von Unwerth shoots beautiful photos. She manages to photograph fashion in a feminine and elegant way, but with a strongly provocative twist.

family brunch

as our friend Flo says – our blog is part food porn – so here’s another restaurant in milano you should check out if you haven’t already. It’s called California Bakery, there are 6 fantastic locations in the city. They have amazing brunch and lunch food. I had chocolate covered pancakes (the children’s special) and Sab had an egg bagel sandwich – very cheesy.




artist: joana vasconcelos

a couple years ago I had the pleasure of seeing one of vasconcelos’s installations at the haunch of venison in london. it was amazing, but I forgot about her for awhile until I came across her latest installations at versailles, they are breathtaking and provocative. to click through the entire collection of versailles installations visit her site here: you can also see a few of my favorites below: gardes 2012, royal valkyrie 2012, and blue champagne 2012, marilyn (pa) 2011,. hope you enjoy, ciao!