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fashion closets

Whether you’ve been collecting clothing, accessories and shoes since you were 12, or have a streamlined wardrobe, it’s important to have it well organized and easily accessible in order to keep track of all of the options you have.

Check out the fashion closets below for some great inspiration.


BOF: Fashion is a Serious Business

The Business of Fashion (BOF) is one of my favorite online sources of information pertaining to the fashion industry out there. It makes an effort to present the fashion world in a more serious and business like tone – and unlike WWD it’s free! 

Recently BOF has been nominated for a Webby Award (which is basically the Grammys of online). It is in the running with online business blogs such as Mashable and Business Insider. To motivate followers to vote Imran Amed (Founder and Editor in Chief of BOF) wrote an interesting article explaining how fashion is not just models, parties and fun, it’s a business that a lot of people do not understand or try to understand. 

Check out the article here and if you like what you see vote for BOF – it only takes a few minutes! 


brian lichtenberg

mixing street wear looks with luxury fashion brands “play on words”.

we love brian lichtenberg.

backstage jo no fui

it’s fashion week in milan, and yesterday we had the awesome opportunity to work backstage jo no fui.

the brand was started by a previous architect, Alessia Giacobino, from Rimini, Italy. You can see the reflection of the architecture in her pieces, with the structured tops and metal details. the collection had lots of fur, and warm comfy tones. view yesterday’s runway here.

Check out our behind the scenes pictures!