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it’s about time.

The fashion industry has always had a difficult time jumping on the ‘green’ brand-wagon. Although it seems easy and natural in theory when it comes down to it the two just really don’t mesh very well – especially when you begin talking about black label brands. Telling a black label to ‘go green’ can almost be likened to telling stock brokers not to gamble with clients money.

Despite the risks Gucci recently unveiled their sustainable handbag line. Livia Firth – cofounder of the Green Carpet Challenge – and Gucci launched the line on Monday. The line is produced in the Brazilian Amazon and is guaranteed not to cause deforestation. The bags are the first products to utilize the ‘Green Carpet Challenge (CGG)’ branding. They also come with a Gucci ‘passport’ that tells the story and origin of the bag.

If you wanted to purchase one/check’em out the bags are on sale at Gucci flagships stores worldwide as well as on the U.S. and Europe Gucci sites.

For more info read the full article at WWD.com.


new purchase

I have really been wanting a long sweater that almost serves as a coat to layer on top of casual and more dressy outfits, finally today I found one. It’s a dark green color, somewhere between green, navy and black, and is by competitor des cotonniers.