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mr. roberto cavalli at domus academy, and pacha ibiza in milan

following an amazing lecture by the man who created stretch jeans and put sexy animal prints on the fashion map, we are off to just cavalli tonight.


while receiving an┬áhonorary┬ámasters degree in fashion management from our school, Domus Academy, Roberto Cavalli said, “what I love, is to make a woman look feminine- my clothes make her sexy”.

he mentioned he was blessed with a lot of luck in his days. and that some of his greatest ideas came to him while he was trying to pick up girls. was great to see his transparent sense of humor, and that the 72 year old italian stallion can still rock flare jeans and tight tshirts!


a truly inspirational speech. we’re excited for tonight! see you at just cavalli!

find your bell bottoms and your flower prints!